Hospitalsure Revolution

Hospitalsure is the next generation of direct, individual, universal-access health insurance!

Heal and grow your State like never before with Hospitalsure!

Stop the bleeding and start the healing!


Prevents medical bankruptcies from hospitalization!

Patient never receives a hospital bill and is 100% protected!

Ageless Premium, Diagnosis Guarantee, Credit Protect, Employer Direct Pay, Ongoing Enrollment

Creates a 100% shoppable free market based healthcare economy!

100% Open source Hospitalsure In/Outpatient Gateway for free market, Medicare & VA integration!

Consumer always selects and owns their own Hospitalsure policy from trusted diversified behemoths.

Revolutionizes personal injury protection in auto insurance enabling policy bundling with Hospitalsure.

Hospitalsure Senior lowering secondary insurance costs with Medicare.

Hospitalsure removes Billions of dollars of waste in antiquated layers of soon-to-be obsolete admin costs that make healthcare so expensive today.

Hospitalsure removes Billions of dollars of waste, fraud and abuse from property taxation through much lower premiums and healthcare costs.

Hospitalsure eliminates Medicaid fraud through proprietary interaction with auto insurance.

Hospitalsure delivers an attainable pathway off of Medicaid to self sufficiency.

Hospitalsure revolutionizes self insurance enabling companies and government to protect from the peril of employee hospitalization with ZERO admin costs!

All legal residents 18 years of age or older qualify for coverage!  Not tied to employment!  Employer Direct Pay!

Hospitalsure ends all political and class warfare in healthcare giving birth to universal free market access in a brand new modern healthcare economy featuring ceaseless innovation, unsurpassed consumer protection, care options, privacy, affordability, market unification, pathway to transition off of Medicaid, lower property taxes, lower secondary insurance costs for seniors, lower municipal, state, business and individual healthcare costs and improved relations with organized labor.

Hospitalsure - The largest free market takeover of healthcare in United States History

100% Universal Optional Free Market Access Insurance For All!

Massive Proprietary Population Based Premium Metrics!

Hospitalsure Market Protect

No other insurance standard in the world is designed with carrier profitability, low premiums and unsurpassed consumer and industry protection assured from inception.  The barbaric unconstitutional practice of fining people who don't buy health insurance is completely unnecessary with Hospitalsure.

Primary Care Doctor (MD) Instant Notification & Chart Admission 

Revolutionizes The Employee/Employer Healthcare Relationship Eliminating Job Lock And Increasing Care Options

100% Hospitalization, Ambulance, ER Direct Billing & Credit Rating Protection (Patient Is Liable For Nothing)

Hospitalsure Credit Protect

Hospitalsure Credit Protection is embedded in every policy.  In the unlikely event you receive a strange bill demanding money for something that took place pursuant to your hospitalization, ER visit or ambulance service just submit it to your Hospitalsure carrier and rest easy because you aren't liable.  In the unlikely event any entity tries to damage your credit it will be repaired free of charge by your Hospitalsure carrier.

Hospitalsure In/Outpatient Gateway protecting & paying 100% for all covered services in the gateway

Seamless worry free modern outpatient healthcare economy integration with unlimited choices and care options

Hospitalsure modernizes Medicaid & Medicare - Multi Policy & Multigenerational Family Discounts - Ongoing Enrollment

Fully Compatible With Future Federal Block Granting Of Medicaid & VA Privatization 

No Deductibles - No Co-Pays - No Government Subsidies - No Lifetime Limits - Hospitalsure Carriers Profitable From Day One

Cannot Be Denied Coverage Or Charged More Due To Pre Existing Condition - Available To Everyone Over 18

All Hospitalsure Policies Individually Owned And Controlled By the Policyholder

Eliminates Billions Of Dollars In Waste, Fraud & Abuse From State & Local Economies

Improves State Credit Ratings Through Massive Reduction In Healthcare Costs & Legacy Liabilities

Hospitalsure eliminates one-size-fits-all healthcare and lowers property taxes through much lower premiums & OP costs

Consumers, Taxpayers & Businesses thrive with Hospitalsure and unlimited MHE outpatient choices and care options

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