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Hospitalsure - The largest free market takeover of healthcare in United States History

100% Universal Optional Free Market Access Insurance For All & Population Based Premium Metrics

Ageless Premium, Diagnosis Guarantee And Employer Direct Pay Functionality Embedded In Every Hospitalsure Policy

Primary Care Doctor (MD) Instant Notification & Chart Admission 

Revolutionizes The Employee/Employer Healthcare Relationship Eliminating Job Lock And Increasing Care Options

100% Hospitalization, Ambulance & ER Direct Billing Protection (Patient Is Liable For Nothing)

Hospitalsure In/Outpatient Gateway paying 100% for all covered services in the gateway

Seamless worry free modern outpatient healthcare economy integration with unlimited choices and care options

Hospitalsure modernizes Medicaid & Medicare - Multi Policy & Multigenerational Family Discounts - Ongoing Enrollment

Fully Compatible With Future Federal Block Granting Of Medicaid & VA Privatization 

No Government Subsidies - No Lifetime Limits - Hospitalsure Carriers Profitable From Day One

Cannot Be Denied Coverage Or Charged More Due To Pre Existing Condition - Available To Everyone Over 18

All Hospitalsure Policies Individually Owned And Controlled By the Policyholder

Eliminates Billions Of Dollars In Waste, Fraud & Abuse From State & Local Economies

Improves State Credit Ratings Through Massive Reduction In Healthcare Costs & Legacy Liabilities

Hospitalsure eliminates one-size-fits-all healthcare and lowers property taxes through much lower premiums & OP costs

Consumers, Taxpayers & Businesses thrive with Hospitalsure and unlimited MHE outpatient choices and care options


AddisonsDisease.Net 16 Years - Founder Remains Hospital Free Despite Complete Adrenal Insufficiency

Hospitalsure invented here by our founder with a pre-existing condition ends all discrimination and class warfare in healthcare through free market unification and unlimited outpatient choices and care options in a brand new perpetually innovative healthcare economy.

New! "I’m learning so much from
this group it’s very hard for me not having Addison’s what Shaun is going
through so I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everyone sharing things
with me so that I can understand what he’s going through." in member's own words - 1/1/18 
  "the site would not be the way it is without you" in member words - 12/13/17
"You do a great job with this site and keeping people motivated" in member words - 12/13/17
"Hi Jerry Thank you for your message it was uplifting as usual
I think you are a Testament to what we can all accomplish with the right frame of mind.
I am working on the way I view Addisons and the site really helps me thank you so
very much." in member words - 11/27/17
"From this very forum, I banked some information that has just helped me to preserve
my own life." in member words - 11/27/17
"I’m learning so much from all of you I truly cherish all of you and I’m so
grateful that you all are so open and willing to give suggestions to
whoever needs them." in member words - 11/27/17
 "your message is truly inspiring and offers hope of a positive life despite Addison's" in member words - 11/27/17
"Had I not have found Jerry and all my Addison's Family I could not have made it," - 11/19/17
"I have learned more from this site than any doctor has tough me." - 11/19/17
"After being diagnosed with Addison's
my hold world changed.  But I have learned so much on living in the world
of Addison's.  Many time this website  has saved me.  I just want to say
thanks Jerry for starting this site.  Take care my dear friend." in member words - 10/02/17
"I am glad you found our group.  These people provide each other amazing
support and information." in member words - 10/02/17

 "I am very grateful for this group who helped me to understand the need to
keep in balance and how to take extra medication if and when needed also
how necessary rest is when feeling low. Thank you to all." in member words - 10/02/17
"Thank you for helping me and providing the ability to share info with
people who fully understand." in member words - 5/9/17
"The fears of the first few months are gone now! The fears have been
replaced by education and good advice from this site!" in member words - 5/8/17
 "This site is really an inspiration for me to read knowing that
there are those out there that really do understand." - " Jerry, you are such an inspiration." in member words - 3/1/17
"I'm fairly new to this group but Jerry has given me such great
information which has helped me with my Shaun since he's autistic, he never
complains and I just have to watch for signs if he's not feeling well.  I'm
so very grateful to this group." in member's words - 2017

"This forum is invaluable to our family to help take care of our daughter."

"The wonderful care I receive here continues to give me so much confidence; to accept
AD and to move forward, to stronger me, with more and more 'well' days."

Taking opioids may lead to a rare, but serious condition in which the adrenal glands do not produce adequate amounts of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol helps the body respond to stress. FDA is requiring a new statement about adrenal insufficiency to be added to the Warnings and Precautions section of all opioid labels.

FDA - Opioids and Adrenal Insufficiency

"WOW!!!!  I've had to take opioid pain meds for many years due to failed
back surgeries.   I also have a intrathecal morphine pain pump and a
internal spinal cord stimulator.  I was diagnosed with Adrenal
Insufficiency about 4 years ago.  The doctors could never explain why I
got it........well, this could be why.  I am so thankful for this group and
your hard work to provide answers I couldn't get elsewhere.  I applaud you
!!!!" - from one of our wonderful members
"thank you for all you do , and sharing all the knowledge, and helping out so
many of us.  You are a hero to me, I admire your strength, courage, faith, & hope." read more from members
 "this is the only site you feel the love from and can give love back (thank you)" read more from our members

Addison's Disease Support & Health Insurance Reform Pioneer

Addison's disease support "For so many people to come together to listen, feel, and
really care about one another is an amazing gift, there is always someone on
this site that provides exactly what another needs at the time they need it
the most." - in member's words
  more or addison's support shirt

Hospitalsure is the largest free market takeover of healthcare in United States History ! 

Ask your Governor or State representative to adopt Hospitalsure in your State.

Hospitalsure: Respecting the Constitution - Serving the Individual

Hospitalsure creates a new optional universal access individual hospital insurance marketplace where the consumer is in charge of his healthcare not the government or employer.  Hospitalsure gives birth to the modern outpatient healthcare economy with unlimited choices and care options including new types of insurance for specific conditions.


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